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WhileinBali focuses on sharing the essential information our readers need to prep for Bali, while they’re in Bali and, most importantly, beyond Bali. It’s not about one blogger, the wonderful places they’ve been, and how great they look there. It’s about making the most of your experience with Bali.

We do this through content, connection, and community. Leverage our content around essentials to get you prepared for your trip. Connect with our guest bloggers (GB) that offer insight into Bali. Evolve your travel experience with the community created organically in our GB meetups. Finally, bring Bali back home with you by staying connected with lifestyle articles about home design, recipes, living, and being – Bali style.

Our audience ranges from first-time travelers, digital nomads, Bali brides, to birthday boys depending on their needs in relation to Bali.

If you’re interested in taking part in this new standard of social media experience, have a look at our below opportunities and let us know!

Guest Blogging

We put in the time to carefully select our guest bloggers and topics. Our audience comes to Bali ready for exploration, learning, and self-discovery. They’re interested in our blogger’s experience and the takeaway, eventually to evolve in their own way.

We like to work with bloggers that have an established site and history of content that support their niche topic. If this is you and you are looking for a new platform to impact lives, sign up here. We have a separate distribution list of our guest bloggers to notify them when we have a topic or niche we’re are looking to publish.

Interested in Advertising?

We have a number of advertising options. Ideally, we prefer products and services that complement our experience model. Contact us at for more information.

Other Partnership Opportunities

We’re always open to collaborating with others to grow awareness and help make travelers’ experience to Bali better. You may want to sponsor a blog or invite WIB to review your product and service. Send us your thoughts. Let’s get creative together.

Please contact us to discuss these ideas further.