Since January 2018, I’ve been living in Bali. I’ve had a number of friends and family visit the island and plenty of others considering living here. Usually, they have an idea of where they want to stay and the things they want to do. However, it became clear to me in their questions that they still needed to know the how, where and what to do for day-to-day essentials. Pretty much, the non-glamorous stuff that bloggers don’t normally blog about.

Apparently, this type of information is fragmented throughout the internet. Or, sometimes you have to dig deep within sources like Trip Advisor.

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Eventually, my word document of answers became increasingly too long. I realized that setting it up on a site would make it easier to share, not only for the people I know but for everyone else.

I also realized that people appreciated knowing someone here on the ground with first-hand experience of what’s going on. That’s when WhileinBali.com was born.

Today, WhileinBali focuses on three content areas for our readers:

  • essential information to prep for their trip to Bali
  • guest blogger stories, insights, and meetups to take part in while they’re in Bali
  • lifestyle ideas through home design, recipes, Bali living and being to bring Bali back home with you

Have a Question?

I’m still in Bali today and the more I learn about living here, the more I’m adding to this repository. There is so much! Feel free to submit a topic or new information about an existing post. Even if you have a question, I’ll get you an answer.

You never know, it may get posted!

You’ve Got a Friend Here

I enjoy hearing from you guys and about your adventures! Shoot me a note to Elisa@WhileinBali.com. Is this information useful to you? Any new experiences? What else would you like to see?

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If you bought a one-way ticket, be careful! You may just stay like me. Check back regularly for more updates on how to get the necessities while in Bali!

Looking forward to your visit!
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