Get The Modern Souvenir: a Bali Photoshoot.

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You’re coming to Bali! Accommodations reserved. Tours identified. Essentials prepared. What about your photos? Your phone has been good enough so far. It’s worked for coffee shop selfies or poolside photos with friends. But, will it capture the breathtaking Bali backdrops? Or, will the stranger you ask have the eye for the right angles of you AND the waterfall? You’re about to be in the most exotic places. If you were ever to do a photoshoot in your lifetime, this is the time and place, not to mention, at Bali prices. Don’t come home with just a t-shirt and the same old selfies. Step up your souvenir AND Instagram game by bringing home a Bali portfolio of you.

How to Get a Bali PhotoShoot Started

So you’re ready to do this! Easy peasy. You just need a free half day and a photographer. The average photo shoot can last between 2-3 hours. Most times it depends on crowds, locations, and your number of changes. If you keep these details in mind when choosing a location, your photo shoot can run faster and smoother.

Tip: Consider an alternative day in mind in case the photographer is booked. 

Photographer? Good news! We did the legwork for you and reviewed a number of photographers of different styles, rates, and portfolios. All based in Bali. All ready to service our audience.


Have a look at these 8 professional photographers and their Instagram portfolio to get a sense of what style best fits you. Contact them directly through Instagram message to discuss rates and coordinate scheduling. Let them know you come from!

Note: These rates are subject to change. Some offer videography services for social media too. Please inquire with them directly.


Name Ideal to WIB Rate Instagram
Ngakan Putu Puniadi Show intensity, introspection, candid shoot with natural expression $30/hr fvsed_
Mariana Drahanyk Show candid in-action shots, creative intimacy $30/hr drahanyk_mariana
David Busseti Show dramatic views and poses with a flare of color $30/hr oneplaceworld
Angga Krsna Show traditional portrait poses, ideal for professional shots, with a touch of Bali culture $40/hr lilkon.boat
Marlo Fokker Show candid shots in nature, strong use of color $40/hr marlo.crave
Tito Van Show skin with an artistic touch, individuality with natural beauty $50/hr tito.van
Wildan Firdaus Show group or couple memories in bright settings, also portraits within natural, dramatic views $50/hr
Hira Teuira Show body of art in a sexy, beach boudoir $50/hr visual_koncept
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How to Prepare for Your Bali PhotoShoot

The goal of your photo shoot is to walk away with a high number of photos you like. The more you’ve thought this out, the more chances of getting the pics you want. If not, you spend more time correcting and evaluating during your photo shoot while the meter is running. Inherently, this results in fewer photos you truly like. Here are some tips we’ve gathered from our preferred photographers to ensure successful results.

Planning your Photoshoot with your Photographer

  • Share Your Instagram. You know your best angles and may already have it documented. Allow your photographer to study you and what you’ve done.
  • Share What You Love. Share examples of other pictures and/or Instagram accounts you love.
  • Talk Vision. Let him know what vision or feeling you have in mind.
  • Discuss Location(s). If it’s your first time in Bali, the photographer may have some ideas based on your vision and/or the style you’re looking for.

Tip: Best to avoid multiple and far locations with crowds as that will eat up your day. Consider traffic also. Photoshoots take an average of 2-3 hrs. Remember, you are chasing light that day.

The Day of Your Photoshoot

  • Models Eat! Eat before you shoot and bring snacks. We don’t want hunger distracting anyone from the work.
  • Bring Cash. Sometimes certain locations require a fee and only accept cash.
  • Bring 4-5 Outfits and Accessories. Bring the fabrics and outfits that compliment your body type and bring enough.
  • No Alcohol Eyes. We understand you feel the need to drink to relax, but it does show in the pics. Maybe one won’t hurt, but keep it to that and model as if you were drinking.
  • Bring Eye Drops. No one ever said modeling was easy. Those eyes need to be bright even to the last picture.
  • Pictures You Love on Standby. Have a collection of Instagram pictures you want to emulate handy to keep the ideas and poses flowing for you and your photographer to reference.

During Your Photoshoot

  • Communicate. Keep the dialogue going between you and the photographer. If you aren’t a fan of a certain photo taking process, speak up! If you have ideas, speak up! You are paying to get exactly what you want.
  • Be Honest. If there are certain body parts you want to focus on or areas you are not confident in, let him or her know. If there are certain angles you know you look great in, be honest about that.

Have fun, bring that zen out and capture it!

One Place World
Photo by @oneplaceworld




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