Know the Mosquito Prevention in Bali

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Unfortunately, you can’t avoid the mosquitos here in Bali. They are everywhere in different shapes and sizes. Are they harmful? Some yes, some annoying – pretty much what you would expect in any tropical climate. Even the Dengue fever is here.

Prevention against any mosquitos in Bali will be your best form of defense.




Mosquito Spray Prevention

Be prepared and cover yourself in repellent both day and night. We usually spray ourselves with this every day, usually about 20 minutes after the sunblock. Know that DEET Mosquito repellent is not sold in Bali. So, if that’s what you prefer to spray with, then bring that with you. If not, then pick the one that best suits you, your family, and friends. Here is a list of the best mosquito repellents of 2018 by

Otherwise, they do sell an effective repellent called Soffell. This is sold everywhere on the island.


Mosquito Spray Prevention in Your Room

You don’t realize it, but your room is a disco club for those bugs. Consider spraying your room with a mosquito spray after housekeeping clean (they tend to leave the door open). If it’s possible, I ask that they keep my doors closed while they are cleaning. To reduce it, even more, I ask that they clean my room every other day or when I request it. That way there are fewer times that my doors are opened.

I bought this at the local grocery store. Love it!

When I’m asleep, I cannot stand the sound of mosquitos in my hear. It wakes me up every time and then I’m paranoid after that. So, in the evening, when I head out to dinner or well before I get to bed, I spray my room.




The locals revert to wearing long sleeve and pants to block their skin from the sun and the mosquitos. It’s just too hot for me to do that.

trapIf you are here long-term and want to invest a bit more, rechargeable mosquitos rackets (or traps) are sold at the nearest hardware store or ACE hardware. These are great if you get a kick out of electrocuting these critters. (~70-120k)

Sometimes, I find myself holding this while checking my phone and before you know it, the electrocution starts. It is so gratifying. I’ve become a sick person.

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