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Know the Different Bali Accommodations

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If you’ve searched for accommodations here in Bali, you know that there are some unique classifications. After I got my bearings here, I finally learned their differences. Some are obvious, but others weren’t. Know the different Bali accommodations so you know what suits you and your budget best.

Remember, Bali has accommodations to offer all budgets. There can be as cheap or as expensive as you want. It all depends on your needs. Refer to Know how to Search for Bali Accommodations once you decide what you’re looking for.




Bali Villas

When you think of Bali, you think of staying in a villa. And it’s close to exactly what you think it may be. It’s a house with a set number of rooms that share common areas. It’s an ideal intimate space for a group of people. If you’re renting this long-term, then you may be paying for the onsite service among other things. If you’re short-term, then that may already be included. Nothing too different here.

Bail Villa
Know the difference in Bali accommodations. This villa was located within Canggu proper.

Know that villas closer to the center of town are smaller and more enclosed with semi-limited walls and outward views. The further out the villa, the more sprawling they are and may overlook rice paddies.

La Balian Villa and Retreat
Know the difference in Bali accommodations. This is a villa in a remote area, 1.5 hr outside of Canggu.




Bali Hotels and Bungalows

Hotels tend to fit the usual structure of a massive building that houses everything under one roof. These are usually really nice and modern with a luxurious view. Then there are the smaller businesses that have a different property layout. These are sometimes called bungalows that may be one self-standing room, a duplex (rooms that share a wall) or a fourplex (two leveled duplexes). You get most of the same amenities expected at most hotels (ie. daily cleaning service, room service, concierge). These offer more of a Balinese look and feel.

Bungalow in Ubud
Kertiyasa Bungalow in Ubud

Bali Homestays

Here you’ll have a set number of rooms, usually between 6-12, that share at least one wall. There may be two levels. Separate from these rooms are the shared kitchen, pool, and possibly a dining or social area. The rooms are individually rented out and they are all managed by onsite staff.

Bali Accommodations
Know the Difference Bali Accommodations. This homestay is located in the center of Canggu. Due to their attention to service and lovely setting, this place is fully booked quite often.




Bali Guesthouses

Similar to a homestay except there are two main differences. One, there are fewer rooms. Two, the family that owns and runs the guesthouse also lives on another party of the property. Most offer daily cleaning services and shared kitchen and pool.

Carik Bali Guest House
Know the Differences in Bali Accommodations. This is the Carik Bali Guest House just north of Canggu. This place has a total of 4 room that overlooks rice paddies.
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