Know the Travel Essentials to Pack – P1

I get asked quite a bit what travel essentials have been a life saver and I have a couple to share. For me, it’s all in the details in my home. If you still have time, Amazon Prime it!




Extension Cord with USB Ports

Company Cube Smart USB Power StripLightweight Extension Cord with USB outlets – I cannot tell you how often this has made my bedside convenient. It was important for me to buy one that was lightweight, cord manageable and had USB outlets.

Many don’t realize that there is a limited number of power outlets in your room, especially next to your bed. Side note: getting an Indonesian extension cord would help here too if you want that light on and your essentials next to you. There are plenty of hardware stores in Bali to get this.

In fact, since I was staying long term, I realized I needed another similar and backpack friendly. The second one would be used for my desk and/or travel. Being a digital nomad, I have quite the digital lab (ie. ipad, laptop, digital camera, phone, backup charger, etc). I also wanted to avoid unplugging and re-plugging my bedside outlet to avoid creating any short circuit and killing any function.

Not to mention, there always seems to be friend around that could use one of the USB ports on our weekend excursions.




Power Bank or Backup Charger

Power bankPower Bank or Backup Charger – No matter your phone, always have a back up with you for your travels even for days when you’re out for a few hours. It has saved me so many times. Mine fully charges my phone up to 3X. The one I have I bought at an Italy airport after I realized I was too dependent on any outlet sighting throughout my travels.

Other Backups

Many don’t realize all the backups you need to keep your digital lab going consistently strong. Let’s start with cords. You need backups for the following: extra long USB cord for your wall charger, a back up wall charger for your phone, short USB cable to connect your phone to your power bank, and type c cable to recharge your power bank. For me, each one of these have either been lost or worn out at least once. Don’t let it happen to you.

Wireless Earphones

scooteringWireless earbuds or airpods – They are fun, but I had no idea how convenient they would be to use them while on the scooter with a helmet on. There is no need to worry about the cord getting tangled or pulled. Plus, no one else can see where my phone is in my scooter or know that I have it out. In Bali, cell phones can get snatched from your scooter – while you’re driving.



Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Portable blue tooth Wonderboom speaker – I was impressed by my friend’s speaker in her room. Its lightweight, waterproof, and has a great sound to it. It is solid! I want one so bad for my room and when I’m at my pool. I didn’t think of this one! Every time I’m at the airport for a visa run, I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for this brand which they never have. The stores have other options, but won’t let you test it. Lovely.

US to Indonesian Adapter Plug

adapterIndonesian Adapter with USB – This may seem obvious, but what isn’t it getting one with a USB port and getting two. FYI – usually get these at the airport when I arrive, but the last three times I arrived to Denpasar, Bali airport, there weren’t any adapters for the US. I can’t speak for the other countries, but keep that in mind. With that said, have a backup! You know I’m a firm believer! As mentioned, get two: one for your bedside and the other for your laptop when you’re out and about. The USB port addition will be convenient when you only have one outlet at the coffee shop.

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