Know to How Transfer Money Online

Paypal (PP) comes handy for money transfer between individuals with different currencies when traveling internationally. It is also an alternative channel to pay for online services rather than using your bank card. This is another layer of protection.

pay pal

Oddly, I noticed many had their PP account closed or didn’t have access to it for whatever reasons.

Know that other US-based apps such as Venmo or Cash App are harder to access and manage as they rely heavily on local texting to verify identity. If your account is set up before you leave the US, then receiving transfers may not be an issue unlike sending money.




Revolut-LogoAnother option is using a digital online banking system like Revolut. This is the newest upcoming trend and most popular for international travelers. Read Know how to manage your cash for more details.

An app to consider for managing bills and balances among groups is Splitwise. It keeps a running total over time, so you can pay each other back in one big payment at the end of your trip, instead of a bunch of small ones.

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