Know There is No Such Thing as a Refund

Look at the cute peaceful Buddha. Why would that be the featured image for this topic? Because it will take every fiber of your being to find the peace within when you realize you may have paid for a product or service that did not satisfy its intended promise. There may be places in Bali that do honor refunds, such as 5-star resort possibly, but for the most part, they don’t.




Bali is Still a Third World Country

You would think that businesses would understand that there is a possibility of a deal not going through as expected. Having the ability to flex and reverse a transaction should be available, but sometimes it’s not. It could be a lack of knowledge or that’s just how street business is done.┬áHere are some lovely examples that I had the pleasure to experience while in Bali.

That Time I Bought a Gym Membership

avenue fitnessI had no doubt I would fully utilize the local gym for my time here in Canggu. So, I bought a one-month membership. Unexpectedly, the next day, I was invited to visit New Zealand and stay for a few weeks there. Like anyone, I took up on the offer and reserved my flight. Since I had just bought my membership, I assumed (never assume in Bali) that my refund was within the grace period. Oh silly me.

The following day, the front desk gave me two things: a blank stare and the confirmation that they had no idea how to get money back from the credit machine. With only two days into the membership, the potential waste of it bothered the f*ck out of me.

Thankfully, I found someone that bought it for the remaining days. Problem solved. The point is, YOU are on your own and will likely have to figure it out.




That Time I Had a Faulty Scooter

When you rent a scooter long term, you do it by the month. I didn’t think twice when I paid it in cash and in full. After driving it around for two weeks with two near accidents, I asked my scooter guy to fix the accelerator/throttle. I could tell something was off when it would randomly accelerate after just turning on the ignition. He kicked the tires around and finally said it was good. No issue anymore. Personally, I didn’t think he did anything with it.

676C40DC-15B8-4CD4-B7F8-2B3193551826As I suspected, it still wasn’t right and I wasn’t comfortable riding it. He didn’t have any other similar scooter models to offer. So, according to him, my options were the following: keep riding it or rent another scooter from someone else.

What I had already paid was a done deal. No money back to me even though I paid him for a product with the assumption it was up to standard.

That day my street smarts went up another level. Now, when I rent a scooter, I only pay half to get the opportunity to ride it first for a while. Then, I pay the second half when its time. Now that you know this, read up on how to rent a scooter while in Bali.

Just to finish the story, I rented another scooter, but I was NOT giving the faulty scooter back until my rental period was up. He would not make double the money on this deal on my time.




The Time I Needed to Try a Dress at Home

Simple story. I saw a dress. I tried it on. I wasn’t sure if it was the best fit. I knew if I could put it on with a certain type of bra at home, I would know if I liked this dress or not. I asked if I could do this with the understanding that I can return it later today or tomorrow with tags on if it didn’t fit. I got a flat “No”. I buy. I keep. No returns.

If you want to get a better sense of the types of clothes to pack, read Know What to Wear.

Always, always, always ask.

Rest assured I will share any other non-refundable stories here as they come. However, my goal is for that to cease if I have anything to with it while in Bali.

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