Know How to Order Food Online

Alert! This is an important life hack. You never know if you’re too hungover or bedridden from an injury. For those who travel in big groups, you may want a snack delivered while you’re waiting for everyone else to get organized and out the door. Having the ability to order a meal or a small bite (or a couple of beers) is handy. Here is what you need to do:





The Go-Jek app is your 2-in-1 savior. Not only is it the app to request car and scooter taxis, but it also offers you the ability to order food.

Side note: I recommend having this app set up at home before you arrive to Bali. Those who didn’t seem to struggle in doing so when they get here. Confirming identity via texting becomes an issue with a foreign number/phone.

After that, when opening the app (Go-Food), you may be prompted by the image below. Select “Tutup” (Close) to bypass.


Don’t be so quick to stop reading now because there is one critical step when ordering the food.

After you’ve placed your order, the driver will make an attempt to contact you via app text, What’s App or phone call to confirm you placed the order and it’s not an error. Most times, the driver cannot speak English, only Indonesian or Balinese. You will likely have no idea what they are saying on the phone. With that, all you need to do is respond with “Yes! I ordered the food.” via text or voice. They will know.

If there are any issues with your order, they will put the restaurant host on the phone to translate and resolve it. The driver will do the same in showing the host any special requests you noted in the app.




Setting Up Go-Jek

I strongly suggest to download this app and set up your account BEFORE you fly out as you will be texted to confirm your identity. If you wait until you arrive in Bali, this process lags and becomes cumbersome as you don’t have the ease of access to local texting.

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