Know the Rental Scooter Process

Renting a scooter is a very easy process and that’s part of the problem. Scooters are rented away to anyone, including those who have never ridden. If learning how to scooter in Bali is your goal, then check these guys out. I know at least 10 people (who didn’t know each other) swore by @Baliscooterlessons in Canggu. If you’re not in this area, contact them to see if they have someone they can recommend in your location.

With that said, be careful on those roads! If you’re not quite ready, check out other transportation options while in Bali.




The Scooter Rental

There are essentially two ways you can get a scooter: walk up to any scooter rental place off the street or your hotel or your AirBnB host may offer a rental bike or contact. Your usual two options are a Vario or a Scoopy. If you’re interested in a big bike, Bali does offer that. You’ll have to make a special request for this.

You want to be sure the scooter has the standard storage place under the seat as well as a hook in between your legs to hold your backpack, souvenirs or groceries.  Surprisingly, the locals have configured some scooters with built-in handles for surfboards based on request.




Rental Cost & Payment

You can rent either by the day or by the month. It’s always cheaper to rent by the month at ~$60 ($2/day). By the day, it can be around 200-300k ($14-21).

If you rent by the month, I strongly suggest that you offer to pay half now and the rest two weeks later. This will give you time to test the vehicle before paying in full. Sometimes the scooter either is faulty or just doesn’t seem right and a refund in Bali is hard to come by. Request for two helmets.

Getting Stopped by the local Authority

Some people have been known to get stopped by the local authority for not having a license or not wearing a helmet. The fine is about ~200k. It’s hit or miss if they get you. I know more people that never get stopped than getting fined. I suggest making sure you wear your helmet when possible.

If you still want to get a license, shoot me a message. I can send you a contact. I hear the process is easy, but not cheaper than getting fined.

Pumping Up Your Scooter

Bali gas stations are nothing like what you expect. You will know you’re at one when you see a series of blue or yellow filled Absolute Vodka bottles or a carriage looking device that winds the petrol out.


They charge by the bottle usually between 10-30k. Just tell them to “Fill it up!”

When Your Scooter Rental is Down

If there are any issues with the scooter or you have an accident, have your scooter rental guy meet you at the mechanics. Ensure both of you are present to confirm the cost and coverage for any of the repairs. This includes flat tires which are common in Ubud as local reinforcement will slash your back tire for parking in certain downtown areas (with no warning). You just find out when you accelerate out. #smh




In Case of An Scooter Accident

Emergencies do happen. I’ve heard a number of horror stories of grave scooter accidents. The biggest surprise I hear is how Bali hospitals can and will reject you if you are unable to provide payment upfront – with your broken limb standing there. With that, the best safeguard is to have a credit card on hand at any time to pull out for such cases. If you have health insurance, this can be cross-checked later and reimbursed.

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