Know If and How You Can Stream Media

The answer is yes to some, but you need to know how to go about it. There are online channels that work, no extra step required. Others may depend on how you access it.

Below is my experience assuming you have decent to strong wifi.  I’m not a technical person, but then that probably makes my feedback more useful for the non-techies out there.


VPN (Virtual Private Network)


Some channels, like HBO and Comedy Central, are only available for US users. This can cramp your GOT or Westworld style if you’re not careful. It is convenient if you have a working VPN set up on your device or laptop before take off. By having a VPN connected while you’re in another county, this allows you to route your IP location to a US city – giving the impression to the HBOs and Comedy Central’s of the world that you’re in their jurisdiction.

Many may have this already installed as a requirement by their employer to get access to their private network. If you’re like me, I didn’t have this on my personal notebook. I downloaded a free VPN here, but that wasn’t successful. It seems paying for a VPN is the way to go. Here are three VPN recommendations from digital nomads here: NordVPN (paid), ExpressVPN and Hola (free). Once you have this set up, there should be no issues getting access to these online entertainment channels. It’s been smooth sailing for me!

The following is based on the assumption you don’t have a working VPN in Bali.



It’s about how you access it. Know your Netflix app on your laptop and or mobile device may not work. Visit the address to access the online library via web browser.

Downloading media before arriving to then watch it via the app anywhere would work – not the case. It was impossible for me to open the app.

I had no problems just going to the web browser and streaming the media when I was ready to get my binge on even on mediocre strength wifi. Don’t ask why. This is how it consistently worked for me.

Spotify & YouTube

Two words: You’re Golden. They know how to do it right.

oh yeah


Yes. You may not be able to import dildos to Bali due to the Muslim community (some were confiscated by my friend at the airport), but you can certainly watch porn. It depends on two things. 1. You must have a VPN set up. 2. There are no restrictions with the internet server you’re on. There have been times I couldn’t access sites like AirBnB on certain lines. With that, you may experience inconsistent access to porn depending on the internet you’re connected to.

IMG_1264 2Side note: They won’t allow you to bring in dildo’s, but you can buy a wooden phallic looking bottle opener off of any Balli corner. The only reason why that is allowed here and not penis toys is that it is considered to have another function, that being the bottle opener.

I’ll add to this list with more media I come across.

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