Know How to Extend Your Visa

For most countries, you don’t need a visa to enter Indonesia for visits of 30 days or less. It is still ideal to cross check in case something has changed. Please visit Visa HQ or go to your country’s visa page to look up the specific requirements for your country. However, if you plan on staying longer than 30 days on a tourist visa, then here is how you extend your visa. You have three options:


The Most Common Visa Extension Approach: 30 + 30 = 60 days.

Entering Bali, you automatically have 30 days with a tourist visa. Purchasing a visa extension (on arrival at the airport) will give you another 30 days = a total of a 60-day stay. The visa extension will cost roughly $35 and MUST be purchased at the visa extension desk at the airport BEFORE you go through immigration. DO NOT LOSE THE RECEIPT. It is proof of purchase.

Below are pictures of this lonely looking visa extension counter at the airport so you don’t miss it.

After this is done and you’ve left the airport, know you have to visit the immigration office before your 30-day mark. It is recommended to find a visa agency representative to coordinate the back-end process, set your appointment, drive you to the immigration office and usher you through the process while there. These are usually found via referral among friends, NOT the internet. If you’re still looking, I can help you with this. Send your inquiry here.

I strongly recommend you contact your visa agent the week you arrive and set your processing schedule with him. Add it to your calendar. He can possibly be a reminder to you when the time comes and warn you of any ceremonial holiday around that time. Don’t let the same problem happen to you as it did for me. When I was ready to do initiate my extension, the immigration office was closed for 12 days. Read the last piece of this article for more details.

passportOtherwise, if you have not contacted your coordinator that same week, then be sure to do this at least 7-10 days before your 30-day deadline. This processing will cost roughly $60-75 USD. If you are late, an expedited service is offered at an increased amount. Note: no matter what service you pursue, he WILL have to take your passport to confirm with the office. This is very common. I struggled with this at first too.

If you intend on staying longer than 60 days like me, then you have to repeat this process again by flying out of Bali and returning (either same day or not). So, if you want to stay long-term and compare costs, here is the estimated cost for the 30+30=60:

$35 at the airport, $70 for an agent to process, then ~$150-200 for RT flight in/out plus possibly any incidentals if you decide to make a weekend of it if you decide to explore the destination you’re doing your visa run in.

Consider this as a great opportunity to catch a break and visit other countries or load up on Western products at the Singapore airport.


The Most Costly and Timely: No visa extension purchased. Only 30 days.

fly out.pngIf no visa extension is purchased at the airport and want to stay longer than 30 days, you will be required to fly out of Bali at the end of the 30 days and fly back in. If not, you will get penalized.

The Smartest Visa Extension: Getting a long-term visa before you leave for Bali.

Purchase a long-term visa extension at your home country’s Indonesian embassy beforeembassy flying out. Here, they can issue you a 3, 6, 12 or 24-month extension. With this, all you have to do is go to the Indonesian immigration office every 30 days. No need to fly at all. Here is a list

of Indonesian embassies worldwide.

Keep in mind, there is a likely chance you’ll have to return to your home country (for me the US) at some point for a wedding, a passing, reunion, sickness, family, etc. Trust, while that thought seems costly or inconvenient, it will prove to be useful when you want to take back stuff you don’t use here or reload on products.


Another Option: The Social Tourist Visa (6 months)

If you’re already in Bali and want to see about a long-term visa, getting a social visa is an option. To obtain this, you would need a sponsor letter (a local Indonesian to draft a letter) to validate your identity and purpose. After that, you can fly to the nearest Indonesian embassy, outside of Indonesia, to officiate this visa. I am at the beginning stages of getting this. As I learn more, I will update this article with more information such as process and cost. Shoot me an email if you would like to chat about this more.

What Happens if You Overstay on Your Visa

penalty IThis happened to me not too long ago. I was a bit beyond my first 30 days. I forgot and I was prepared to pay for the expedited service to initiate my visa extension and head to the immigration office promptly. To my luck, the immigration office was closed for holiday for 12 DAYS.

Here is what I learned:

For every overstay day, you will be charged 300k. They will collect this at the immigration counter on your flight out. They pull you aside, move you to their office, have you wait then wait again at the desk to let you know what you owe. You can only pay in cash. No credit cards accepted.

What does this mean? Get to the airport with plenty of time. This is not the day to cut your time close to your flight. Also, pull money from the ATM before getting into the immigration line.

Next, as mentioned before, I strongly recommend you contact your visa agent the week you arrive and set your processing schedule with him. Add it to your calendar. He can possibly be a reminder to you when the time comes and warn you of any ceremonial holiday around that time.

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